Long lost

So… it all began aged 7… he was older, cooler, a little aloof and certainly didn’t notice me… we existed in the same place and time, he knew me but nothing ever happened as I awkwardly attempted to navigate the ways of teenage boys and work out where I was in this world. Of course aged 18 he moved away never to be seen again. End of story.

A few years on with the emergence of social media we become Facebook friends, I’m in a relationship, he’s in a relationship, that passive friend add that is purely a connection of people we once knew. And the years went by…

A couple of weeks ago I have the urge to change my Facebook photo, no real reason, the photo is one I like, a couple of weeks old, and the attention it gets is the usual, “you look hot” etc. And then… and then… he logs on for the first time in a year, he’s been going through the final stages of a breakup, he’s been feeling a bit down, he’s a little bit lost and there I am, fresh faced and witchy in red on his feed. A message appears… “Hey how are you?” Out of the blue, I’m a little taken aback… he’s visiting my city soon, would be good to catch up. I pick myself up off the floor and reply cooly “yes sure, we can hang out”…. he’s coming in 2 weeks.

We talk every day, it gets intense, he knows when I’m happy, knows when I’m stressed, calls me his long lost princess and I don’t mind… we all know I hate being called princess normally but this time I melt. So the long lost guy who was unobtainable is messaging me every day, he’s telling me things people don’t normally share, he’s honest and open, we’re nervous and excited and there’s a connection through technology but perhaps something deeper, who knows what the universe has in store this time?

I get rid of Tinder and Bumble and every other contact who’s just killing time. There’s something I know that is deep down inside, there’s something I feel that it’s going to be right, intuition dear girl, follow it, the force is strong in this one.

Two weeks of suspense, two weeks of wondering, wishing, hoping, thinking, and it’s here, he turns up at my place, he is everything I imagined, it’s like we already know each other, nothing is awkward, no need to act or pretend, no game face, just ourselves. Two weeks of built up suspense is released and we talk and just lie there with each other as time stands still.

My Tarot said I’d meet a guy who doesn’t do dating sites, that he’d be tall, he’s tall, dark hair, bright eyes, and he is the one. He was meant to be coming in March but he got delayed… the later Tarot had said December over and over, wait till December you’ll meet him it’ll happen! Well the first of December I think it just happened… nothing is written for sure on a stone tablet, the story books remain blank as each chapter writes itself and the tale unfolds.

We’ll see what the universe brings but the feeling is good, and I’m practicing gratitude today for the things that were held back while my lessons were learned. Perhaps he’s just here to teach me a new lesson, or perhaps he’s really the long lost one who has been there all along, but things had to be done before it was time for that chapter to begin… the plan, who knows, but so far it matches the visions and the dreams and the things I dared not hope for… now I hope, but not too much to be crippled if it all goes wrong, just enough to make it happen as this time, it’s perhaps meant to be…


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