Vivid Dreams

Vivid dreams always come with a meaning, they’re there to tell me about the things I need to know that. Don’t always know I’m feeling. I analyse my dreams when they’re particularly vivid, because they can tell me a lot. The one I awoke to this morning was interesting and I think it was about responsibility and friendship, possibly sacrifice too.

I was at irk and there was a fire. In this place of work every person had an avatar, a small doll like being that was an exact image of them that would be sent into meetings to do the talking, controlled by the mind from your desk. My new boss has actually just gone on paternity leave, I’m 3 weeks in and sometimes want his guidance but seek it elsewhere till he’s back. Anyhow, so in this fire, I rush to take his avatar and forget my own. I carry this small toddler sized being down the stairs to the outside and hold it so it’s safe. I forget my own entirely. But unknown to me one of my closest friends, she’s been a friend for a very long time (doesn’t even work with me now) has picked up my avatar and emerges from the building safe and sound. I’m so grateful to this friend and she tells me she’ll always be here for me. End of dream.

So what was my dream trying to tell me? I think some is about the responsibility I feel to get things right whilst my boss is away and the worry (not too big) about making decisions without consulting him first. My friend, well I know she would give her right arm just to help me out, she’s an incredibly loyal friend and I love her to bits. But I wonder, did she have an avatar? If she did, did she sacrifice it for her own? So this dream was a reminder that if I take on too much I know my friends will be there for me, but also that I have to be careful that no friend sacrifices their own happiness in order to help. It was a warm dream with a meaning. Don’t let work overcrowd your responsibilities, now I know my boss would agree with this, he’s incredibly fair and I know that my friend would have done this anyway regardless of the situation. So the pressure I creat is purely the pressure from my own expectations of self and not those of others, the knock on effect of this being out of balance is that others suffer. What a good way for my brain to remind me how to remember to balance the things that are really important.


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