Mambo Italiano

So I met a guy a while back on Bumble… he’s Italian working over here as a civil engineer for a contractor company back in Italy. We messaged for months, him back and forth between country’s and me working we just didn’t find time to meet. He seemed to always be stressed out by his job, but I’m starting to think this is the nature of Italians perhaps although the hours he’s working are pretty long.

So we eventually met a few weeks ago, he was late, extremely apologetic and very stressed by the fact he was late! Good start! I reassured him it didn’t matter and he started to relax. It was quite late on a Saturday, so we decided to go for a drink. It started off sort of awkward with his okay English and my less than minimal Italian, it was kind of funny. He was as good looking as his pictures and he was pretty charming, not holding much back, telling me I was beautiful, although again this is how Italian men seem to act, they’re never backwards in being forwards.

He moved across to sit next to me and within minutes we were kissing, passionately, well it was easier than both of us trying to muddle together words. He was incredibly well dressed, something Italians seem to all have a talent for, and I was pretty impressed. We laughed as I attempted to wipe my red lipstick off his lips, decided to finish our drinks and go home.

We went back to his car, he was again very apologetic for the actually perfectly fine company car and I laughed as he hurriedly removed a few bits of scaffolding from the footwell. Perhaps a lot of what I found so funny was how unlike any of the British guys who I’d dated previously he was. He had insisted on holding doors, holding my umbrella over me, helping me with my jacket, it was kind of sweet, totally not what I’m used to, and highly indicative that chivalry is indeed dead in the British. Actually I decided I liked it a little. It wasn’t the awkward running a million miles ahead to open a door like some British guys I’d dated had tried because they had no idea what they were doing it was just very natural.

We get back to mine and we’ll we know where this goes… yeah he’s in my bed, on my bed and everywhere else. We didn’t do much talking, we burnt a lot of calories and he was pretty amazing. I like this guy a lot. He makes promises about taking me away to Italy and we joke I might burn up like a vampire seeing the sun. I’m not sure he’s serious, and I really don’t care. The moment is nice and that’s all that matters.

He’s stays a while but has to work early, and goes home in the early hours. Messaging when he gets home that he wished he was still there. He messages every day, we’re both busy people but he does a lot to show he cares. I guess the cynic inside me worries he’s just after the right to work after all the changes going on with the EU right now. But actually he appears to be genuine. We’ll see I guess but I’m not overly worried, I don’t really know him but it’s given me a kick up the butt to keep learning the languages I was learning before, Spanish, Italian and German, hey if anything I get someone to practice with… silver linings right?


4 thoughts on “Mambo Italiano”

      1. And there really is no rush for me, I have everything I want in life, I have a beautiful daughter, a career I love, my house is a happy place, my friends are amazing… there’s no gap to fill, just perhaps a place for someone to share some but that’s really all ☺️

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