Foot Guy

So I matched with a guy that seemed kinda fit. He was Scottish, a scientist but also very well built. Living in a city across the boarder I thought best have a chat before meeting, don’t want to waste anyone’s time… so he asks for my number I give it and hear nothing more. No big worry, I’m not interested in chasing, if he doesn’t bother that says it all I thought.

A couple of days later I get this text, apologising he hasn’t seen my message. I text back hi and go to the cinema with my friend and think nothing more of it. I get out of the cinema and there’s a voice recording message on WhatsApp from him. Kinda bumbly, but he has a nice voice and a pretty sexy accent. So I message back thanks. He asks to hear my voice but wants a recording…. weird… okay I think, so I record a message which is half of me telling my dog to get down and leave it at that. I expect no reply and forget about it. Then I get a call, okay, so he seems keen, we have a chat about stuff and things, he seems nice if not a little domineering but I’m willing to give him a chance.

He then sends through a ton of selfies, he seems a little self obsessed. I give him the benefit of the doubt, the dating world is strange and say thanks again, I reply with one picture.

He wants to face time, okay I say, well at least that way you can get half an idea of what someone’s like. We start to talk and oh my goodness I wanna get off!!!! Here’s how it went. He starts shooting hypothetical questions about “what is and what isn’t cheating”. Just sounds controlling, he effectively wouldn’t want me to talk to other guys. He asks how tall I am, he’s 6”2’ and I’m only 5”3’, he exclaims I’m perfect to be his princess?!? I explain I’m not a princess, sweet though that is but I’m a queen and expect to be treated that way, I have no need for a man to treat me in such a derogatory fashion. He’s not impressed and calls me a feminist. I tell him I don’t care. What I didn’t realise was he was naked and playing with himself, he flips the screen to show his dick, it’s small, no shock there… I’m like…. “errrr thanks, well that looks nice” trying to sound sincere. We have sexy talk, to be honest to get the creep off the phone. He tells me he can have any woman he wants, I’d have to get used to other women throwing themselves him and deal with it. After all the cheating talk, I spy a hypocrite amount the masses! This guy is so far up his own arse it’s unbelievable. He makes various comments about behaviour he expects such as cooking him food, I explain I won’t cook him food. So now we know what the guy is single, he’s a pig, a fairly well packaged small dicked pig! Who to be honest at 34 years of age was balding. Nope!

So we’re hanging up, he asks me what size my feet are, I say size 4, he gets very excited and starts describing his favourite type of feet. I know everyone has a fetish of sorts and feet, fine but this guy was just beyond creepy. Although my feet hurt so much if he hadn’t have been such an arsehole perhaps I would have let him come and rub my feet lol!

We hang up and the last message I get is a request for a picture of my feet. I’m now weak with laughter at what a fucked up hour of my life just happened that I won’t be getting back! I text back I’m not going to meet him and good luck and then block his number. I hope for the safety of women kind he buys a small footed blow up doll because that guy was scary!

With all the women in the world throwing themselves at him though, I doubt he’ll have a problem finding a princess…. wow…


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