Game face on

So it’s clearly time to concentrate on business and getting things done. Astrologically Venus is in Virgo now and that marks a noticeable change in how I’m dealing with emotions today and to be honest it’s a welcome relief. I’m feeling more focused on logic and less focused on the ethereal dreamy world of the what might be. It’s finally time to get the head down and put in the hard work.

Mr Ghosty McGhostface finally messaged this morning with the “things moved too fast, I wasn’t ready” text. A little cowardly but hey it’s closure and I’d rather know now than get strung along for months on end. The fact he did this by text demonstrates he definitely wasn’t the right one for me, I could have responded with a lot of things…. like “So why were you so adamant that you would be introducing me to all your friends?” Or “why even mention that your mum will love me when she meets me?” None of these were an if and I was pretty cautious in my responses to these. Along with the “I’d love to help you decorate your house” and “what kind of dates would you like me to take you on?”. To me, well, that normally insinuates that they’re starting to consider a relationship and not just seeing this as a fling, I was happy either way, but some people just can’t handle a woman who knows what she wants I guess.

As we know I love a bit of self reflection and here’s what I’m wondering… on date number one we couldn’t go into the place we were originally meeting because “An ex girlfriend that ended it badly with him was there”, looking back I’m wondering if this was perhaps just another situation like this. This guy just clearly isn’t equipped to deal with the emotional responses he creates with whoever he’s dating and so then runs away like a little boy to hide behind his X-box… yes X-box… Microsoft is so yesterday… lol…

I considered responses like “well thanks for making my Monday better.” Or “Sure no worries.” Or better still “I assumed you were dead so let’s keep it that way!” But I decided no response was actually better, perhaps a little more dignified. I’d deleted his number anyway, and all his past texts, so I’m assuming it was him… that text went too so that in a moment of weakness I couldn’t respond anyway. It’s better that way, no need for baggage.

So business suit Rebecca wore her business suit today. She was pretty calm, almost cold in her approach to everything today and actually it’s a hell of a lot better than feeling shitty. Probably not worth telling him that I’ve already had some fun since… he can really think what he wants.

Today I had the pleasure of trying to cover a massive love bite (oh my god I forgot about those! Why?) guess this is the downfall of the younger guys… here I am covering up love bites lol! Oh well, my technique on that is now perfected… I could probably be a makeup artist with the amount of times I’ve now done this lately! It’s all very well in the moment… but…

So down to business… and not that kind of business… this time the book is getting written, the blog is probably getting a revamp and suddenly Tinderella is a little too busy to worry about stupid boys who can’t back up their words! Thank heavens for that!

So back to his words “I hope you find someone you deserve” no actually, someone who deserves me will find me and will do what ever it is to convince me that they do. This won’t be creepy or clingy. I’m expecting more than a night in shining armour, I don’t need rescuing you see so that’s gonna be wasted on me. Put your horses back in the stables boys… leave your magic carpets at home! And don’t even think about that oversized fishing net!

In the mean time my hot naughty snapchat buddy is keeping me entertained with snaps that I have to leave the office if I’m to open them! I’ll probably never meet him but I’m not complaining about the eye candy, he’s quite the exhibitionist, and I’m not complaining. It’s like having my own personal porn star.

My life began at 36, two years on, good god am I having a ball!?!


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