Birthday Treat

It’s my birthday! And this year it’s different, actually pretty damned awesome! Being single and able to do what the hell I like this year has been a bit of a blast already and the day is yet young.

I decided this year I was going to go out and party in town and so I did! An awesome group of friends on a rainy night made the effort to come out and party too. Drinking this year with friends was fun, no pressure to text and check in, no boyfriend hanging round watching my every move and no meeting anyone’s mum! The problem with having a boyfriend in the past just meant I was expected to celebrate my birthday as a couple, and I kinda get to thinking it’s a lot more fun not to. 18 year old me would be proud… she celebrated her birthday for 3 months every weekend… I might just do the same this year!

The shots went down quick, we all got louder, this was gonna be fun. My friend had texted her friend who is single and tried hooking us up. I was feeling kinda happy go lucky and was on the hunt for a good time… yeah the cougar in me reared her horny head. You see I’m all for a hookup, you know where you stand, it’s that one night of fun and you probably never cross paths again. When I was too shy to go out I went through a period of doing that through dating apps. I think that’s half the problem, people are never clear what they want online whereas well, in a bar we all know what we’re doing, we all know why we’re there.

So I managed to find a nice young doctor, who looked a bit like Jon Snow. Telling him he knew nothing went straight over his head… he knew nothing of Game of Thrones… this amused me. I dragged him into a rock club, because it was my birthday party and if he wanted to play we had to do that first. He was obliging although clearly had no idea what was going on.

We went back to mine, I didn’t want to go back to his (another boys shared house) and my Duracell bunny, one night only, lover did all he could to please me. Pretty damned good. It was kind of nice and perhaps a little strange that we talked about life plans, he wasn’t sure what he was doing with his life and wanted to travel. I thought it was kinda cool that we could just be honest. We talked about shitty experiences with dating apps, I think he hit the nail on the head, you just don’t know really what that person wants and very often the ones telling you on their profile they want a relationship are just covering up for the fact they don’t. I think that’s been the problem all along, I’ve met guy’s who are trying not to look like shitty people when actually we’re both there to be exactly that, somehow you then end up in that limbo of “are we doing this or not?” and nobody knows quite how to tell the other “we’re not”.

So my Duracell bunny Jon Snow gave me a birthday present like no other… a night of no strings fun, with no worries about tomorrow.

So after my decision to just not bother with dating, Tinderella has resurrected her very naughty streak. Time for more fun, there’s a lot of unsuitable guys out there that I can corrupt. No more limbo… let’s grow old disgracefully… it’s a lot more fun!


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