When we say the word spells it conjures up all sorts of ideas depending upon our experiences of life. From the witches in films like ‘The Craft’, or ‘Hocus Pocus’, to devil worship and sacrifice, and things much more foreboding. I got into ideas of using spells in my teenage years. And grew my knowledge of Wicca dabbling in other ideas such as Hinduism and Buddhism on the way. My ex partner was a Buddhist so during that relationship my curiosity around Wicca took a back seat as I tried to conform. That wasn’t terrible as Buddhism itself brings a good life template into which you can live peacefully, but it wasn’t quite for me and something else was always calling.

I can’t really define myself as a witch, I don’t know what qualifies you to become one. I have no wish to join covens, sacrifice virgins or wear a big black cloak, actually the cloak would be cool I guess. Imagine it streaming out behind me as I ride my motorbike, or flowing as I stomp around my office like Darth Vader bending developers to my will, yeah that could work. Might just buy a cloak.

So what is it I do and what does it mean to me? Well I follow the seasons, the weather, the full moon cycles. The moon has an effect on us all and this is scientific, the gravitational pull of the full moon at its strongest actually affects the distribution of fluid in the brain and gives us fresh energy. We all know the word Lunatic, based on the ideas of the full moon effects. The waxing of the moon from new builds our energy day by day and the waning allows us to say goodbye to that phase as the energy is conserved to start a new. Just look at the tides of the sea and you will understand the power of the moon upon all who dwell here. The cycles of the earth or similar the Winter Solstice being the day where the earth is dead but awaiting its rebirth tomorrow. Over the years I have often wondered if the reasons for seasonal affective disorder are as much about the transfer of energy from the living things to the potential energy of what’s to come. Hence we feel tired and feel the need to hibernate through the dark days till we’re ready to emerge as the butterfly from its chrysalis. I personally feel it quite strongly and will find that my activity during the winter months slows down as I conserve my energy for the newness of spring. The summer solstice, the pinnacle of the energy that we feel when we live the longest day and reap the rewards of the energy we’ve been growing up until that point. And then the wind down back to the Winter again. But we have hope because we know that regardless of where we are in the cycle there is hope after the darkness.

The equinox of spring where I write my intentions and commit them to the earth to achieve them by the equinox of autumn. When I make that commitment I always remember the egg on which I’ve written them and how the substance of the egg is now feeding the flowers planted over it and my achievements grow as the flowers do. I have told the universe my wishes for myself and the universe grows my wishes when I’ve told it what I want.

So that for me is a spell. A spell is a prayer, a wish, an intention. It’s not going to send green beams of light at the intended target or blow up the nearest building or anything so dramatic as that. My spell is my prayer. I follow a ritual, I cleanse, I recite, I offer, I have gratitude and when I have gratitude to universe delivers. It’s really quite as simple as that. The ritual of the spell gives me focus to allow me to clearly state my intentions. Rituals are as old as time itself, all humans do them, they are most apparent in monotheistic religion today with the incense and the ceremony of the weekly gathering or worship. My spell is just the same.

When my ex partner left my house once and for all my daughter and I cleansed the aura and it instantly felt better. The burning of sage, the invitation to the winds to take the negativity away and the protection of the elements drawn in salt water on my windows gave us a fresh start. The ritual simply balanced the energy in the house where negativity was dwelling in the walls from the sadness and the fighting and set it free to become neutral energy again. Plants that were flagging started to flourish. Animals behaved better, became calmer and less stressed. The cleansing whether psychosomatic or real had a positive effect on us all.

When I feel bad about myself I write down the negative thoughts and I burn them and bury the ashes. By burning the words I release the energy and by burying the remains I plant new positivity. It’s a simple process and it makes me feel better. I don’t need a man to forgive my sins, I forgive my own short comings and move forward refreshed. My words being my confessional ritual.

I burn candles of certain colours to encourage my wishes, to invite the spirits to guide me on my journey. The candle is a message. Red for passion, White for purity, Pink for love, Green for wealth and Black for endings and new beginnings.

Just with anything involving energy you must treat it with respect. You wouldn’t rewire your house without first turning off the electric, and it’s the same with the energy that you wish to harness, use it for good and you will receive good back, send curses and bad intentions out and you will get the same back. If you use the energy for careless means you have the potential to cause harm to yourself and others so make your intentions clear and think them through before carrying out your ritual. Like the missionaries who travelled to Africa to ‘convert’ and ‘improve’ the lives of the natives they in turn caused harm for generations to come, still evident today, because their intentions may have been good but the practice ill thought through and the lack of understanding of the culture they were attempting to indoctrinate upset the balance causing more harm than good.

So this is my little story about finding my path, perhaps a little less followed today but a path as old as the earth itself. The harnessing of energy to make my intentions known to help me achieve my dreams. The universe feels the energy we give out and gives us the same right back in spades. There’s enough energy for everyone, it’s how we use that energy that defines whether we are happy or sad. When we remember that, we turn our lives around, it can be done in a second. The suicidal thoughts disappear, the disparity of loss, because we know it’s just a part of the cycle, and we’re either growing or dying or both and that’s okay…


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