Fairy tale…

Perhaps this is the beginning of a beautiful story, perhaps it’s the beginning of a beautiful tragedy, but either way it feels beautiful right now and I’m enjoying the moments as the story unfolds. The one that makes me forget is making the beautiful story happen, writing each page of the very first chapter. He’s not charming or sickly, I wouldn’t be able to stand that, he’s slightly nervous and this makes him adorable. But his brown eyes tell me there’s more inside than he’s letting on just yet.

He was initially planning to take me for lunch but has accidentally double booked himself, he’d promised his mum they would go and see a new baby cousin, I was more than happy to step aside and not apply pressure because well, family comes first especially when you’ve only known someone a week. But he was apologetic and even though he was tired, wanted to take me out later and so he arrived straight from seeing his family and was waiting outside in his car. I had made my usual effort, wearing a dress that’s my favourite but a few years old, my big scruffy brown boots with a cute little hair band with butterflies. As I got into the car, he beamed a huge smile and told me that I looked Stunning. He apologised for not being dressed up, but I thought he was perfect, all I needed was his smile. Perhaps this is something that’s has been missing before, nobody has ever smiled at me in this way before, perhaps my appearance was just taken for granted, this guy made me feel beautiful and I think that the reaction made me glow even more.

He’s picked out a place that he’s heard good things about, just on the outskirts, it’s exciting and new. Yeah I’ve had dates where I’ve been taken to restaurants and pubs before but I think there was something better this time, he hadn’t just picked his usual haunts, a place he knew well, he’d gone to the effort of finding somewhere to experience with me for the first time, It felt special.

I comment on the chilled out music in his car and laughed at the contrast from the music I had just been listening to, very loud ska. He changes the track but I tell him I didn’t want that, we’d already agreed whoever is driving gets to pick the tunes. We both laugh about Friday and he finds a random mix. We talk about singing, he says he can’t sing, but I don’t quite believe him, the intonations in his voice indicate the potential. I watch him as he drives, he’s the right kind of sexy for me, there’s nothing pretentious about this man sat beside me, he’s honest and sweet, he just wants to make me happy.

We get to the place and it’s bucketing down, he reassures me he has an umbrella in his car, he’s forgotten it, but I don’t care, I hold my jacket above my head to keep dry, I think he’s starting to see that I don’t care about the silly stuff, there’s more to life than staying dry.

We order food, and he kisses me across the table, we both giggle that it’s a family pub, the kiss is passionate, if we were alone it would lead to much more.

We eat and we talk, we share food, we laugh, he talks about dates that he wants to take me on, things that we should do together, he’s full of surprises and I trust him, I know that this guy will do the things he has said. I offer to pay my way but he won’t have it, so we agree next time is my turn and I’m happy. We can be equal, nothing is awkward we’re just going with the flow.

We drive home still talking, I accidentally let slip I hadn’t been intending to have a relationship with anyone till just now, we both become bashful, I point out the stables as we drive past, we both laugh because we’re both avoiding the massive elephant in the back of the car, but it’s not time for the elephant to come out just yet.

We get back to my house, my dogs instantly recognise him and want to say hi. They listen to his commands already, they do what he says, they trust him. I rely on my dogs, they know who’s good for me. They seem to have picked this one.

We go upstairs even though he can’t stay tonight he wants to spend some time with me before he has to go. I take off my dress, he likes what he sees he makes me feel beautiful there’s a lingering look each time we make eye contact. There’s urgency, he knows what I need and he does it just knowing perhaps it’s all just the way he looks at me, I don’t know but each moment I’ve spent with him he gets it so right.

As we lay on the bed, we talk about stuff, we mess about, we joke. I tell him he’s making me happy, he says “thank you”, then face palms himself, and says “I’m such and idiot”. He kisses me to remove the awkwardness of his inability to communicate feelings just yet. But the kiss tells me everything I needed to know. He has to go but he stays a bit longer. The moment feels perfect laying across my bed. We talk about how we would never have met if it wasn’t for the dating site on which we’d found each other. Even though we both have friends and acquaintances in common. I tell him that I was drawn to his smile, he tells me he liked the colour of my hair. We laughed about the opening lines we both wrote. We just lay on the bed and hugged some more till it really was time for him to go. We kiss on the doorstep, as each one ends we start another he steps back then comes back for a last then another. I wave coyly as he walks to his car turning for one last look then I shut the door and smile to myself.

Just over a week, the fairy tale has started. The excitement I guess is whether it will be Grimm or Anderson. But it’s a story none the less dear reader. A story with promise and it’s writing itself, the protagonists both a little shy still just yet, perhaps Tinderella has met her prince who is adorably uncharming…


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