Acting your shoe size

You spend your life being told “Act your age not your shoe size” and I’m here to tell you to stop it! Stop listening to that! Act your damn shoe size and enjoy the hell out of life!

I’m not far off 40 and I know I don’t look it. Some of that’s down to good genetics, looking after my body, brushing my teeth every day, everything you are told to do. I don’t drink much, I eat pretty well and this all helps. But the biggest thing is attitude. Don’t you hate it when people tell you “oh my god I’m too old to do that” especially when they’re younger than you. That for me is instantly ageing. It’s that “I’ve given up”, “I may as well put on my slippers and smoke a pipe” kind of comment, and I hate that people do that to themselves.

I often forget my age, I’m shocked when I recount how many years have gone by, but then I remember it really is just a number, the amount of turns you got to go around the sun. Some people get lots, some people get less, I intend to get as many as possible. Why can’t I reach 150? Imagine the fun you can have in 150 years?

I don’t care what my numerical age is, I care about my perceived age and it takes the pressure off. We get taught to act our age early on, that pressure from child development professionals telling parents when their child should walk, talk, smile, sit, stand, and I get that, I do, they do it to check a child has no problems, to protect the child as best they can. But, and for me this is a big one, it adds pressure. My baby isn’t sleeping, my baby isn’t smiling and all the others are, my child can’t count yet, my child isn’t able to tie their shoe laces and so on and so forth, when actually they’re just doing it in their own time, there’s nothing wrong. But it leads to panic that instills in the child at an early age they have to achieve in order to be happy.

Now achieving things is good, yes, when it’s what you want to achieve. Being pushed to achieve what you really don’t want teaches a child that they can’t be happy if they are to be successful. People mistake success and achieving with growing up, giving the perception that you have to rush to be a grown up in order to be successful. Stop it! You don’t! I’m a grown up physically, yes I do the responsible stuff where it’s a must but the rest of the time I’m there being 15 in my head, laughing at boobies and giggling when someone says something I can distort into something funny, normally dirty. It’s the laughing, the quick mind, the linear thinking, the graph database of my mind that keeps me young and it reflects on the outside.

I am never going to say “I’m too old for this” or “I’m too tired for this”. When it comes to dating I take a person on face value, I disregard their age, because I’ve met 25 year olds who think they’re 50 and 40 year olds who think they’re 20. I’m after the mind that matches mine because that’s what I deserve. I’m not 100% sure but I may well have met him, the one that’s making me forget right now seems pretty damn close, and the guy we call the one is slowly disappearing from my mind, a distant memory. I hope it stays that way, I know my mind has a tendency to flip a switch and send me hurtling down into the depths of hell if I’m not careful every now and then. There’s normally a trigger though, and that trigger is feeling trapped with no way out, like the eight of swords, blindfolded and hands tied, surrounded by swords but failing to see the path of water between them that leads the way out. So I’ve learnt that each time now I must look for the path and never give up hope even when I can’t see it, I’ll use my intuition, because the only things trapping me are the limitations of my own mind.

So beautiful followers, dare to dream big, act you shoe size, or any age you god damn please! Do what makes you happy. If it’s not working out, be honest with yourself and walk away. If it is then tell people, celebrate the happiness. A life of 150 years is too short to be miserable, a life of less years is tragic if it’s not fully lived.

I’ve got just over 112 years left to make it awesome… the possibilities are amazing if I put my mind to it and love every second…


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