The One that made me forget…

Last night, a bit tired and not sure whether I could be bothered I went out to meet a guy that I’d been talking to online for real. He’d actually made the effort to ask me out at the beginning of the week and to be honest I had half expected him to stand me up. This seems to be the way it goes, so of course I’d had a few dates in the week and as you’ve read if you’re a regular follower they weren’t all that great. I really wasn’t expecting much at all.

So as I’m walking to the place we’re about to meet he texts me and am surprised he’s asking me what I want to drink. Fair play, this one’s making an actual effort.

I get to the place stand outside a sec and then approach the door as he’s there to meet me looking very nervous. He says “I’m really sorry but my ex-girlfriend is right there at the bar, can we go somewhere else?” And I just laugh and say sure. He explains it wasn’t a great end to a relationship and she’s likely to cause trouble, and I reassure him we’ve all got mental ex’s as I think about the list of potential people who were in danger of bumping into from my past too.

We find another bar, get a drink and start talking, we go to another bar and do the same, as he starts to relax, we talk about everything and anything. I’m starting to wonder how this will work out, I actually start to really like him as we team up against the rest of the world laughing at dodgy outfits, slightly strange social behaviour and talk about stuff and things. He’s asked me what I do for a living because he thinks that I must do spread sheets and so I explain and he looks baffled, apologises for having no idea and I laugh and say well why would you if you’ve never dealt with that stuff?

He takes me on a wander towards the metal club I like even though he’s not really a metal fan and I say it’s fine let’s go in the pub next door instead because I’d rather talk. He orders drinks, I have to pop to the loo. As I go towards them I walk past a girl who is a friend of ‘the one’ I’m not sure she has any idea about me, as we all know he kept his cards to his chest. I laugh in my head. I knew she would sometimes train at the gym with him and one day I’d got jealous for about 5 minutes when she’d posted their training online, it was some gymnastics style stuff and it had really pissed me off, but that was more because he was spending time with her and had avoided me for 5 weeks at that point than I had actually thought he was cheating with her. So this girl that had bothered me a bit was a bar maid, and wannabe burlesque dancer, but really a bar maid. Seems like most of his female interests were that way, the singer who actually worked on the perfume counter and so on. He wasn’t good with real women evidently and stuff clicked in my head and I felt better. I’m the opposite, I’m not so deluded about getting famous, I’m different, successful and happy with what I am.

That was the first time I’d thought about him all night and there were no pangs, more of a… hope she recognises me and tells him I’m having fun…. feeling instead.

I come back from the loo and he’s gone, I panic a little then as I’m about to text joking half not joking “did you run away” he’s walking towards me looking nervous. He’s worried I’m going to be pissed off and we just laugh. I dunno what kind of princesses he was dating before but wow they’ve made him worry a lot. He relaxes, we kiss, finish our beer, kiss more, we are necking at the bar like teenagers on the dance floor but we don’t give a shit. He asked if I want to go to more bars and I say I’m done with bars tonight so he says my place or yours? We go to mine.

He’s everything I’ve been missing, there is no space for ‘the one’ to cross my mind. We get not much sleep. Emotions are there, it’s not just a routine, there’s no feeling of challenge, I don’t need to break him. We wake up early and the spark’s still there, he has to get back to his cousin’s dog who he’s been looking after but stays a little longer for more even though we’re both shattered.

After he’s gone home I’m sat here reading texts from Mr Clingy number 3 and those that I’m now probably not likely to meet. The one from the night before who left me so empty is already there asking to wake up with me, I’m not quite sure how to let him down yet. Man Pokemon 2 wants to see me today but I’ll tell him I’m too hungover, part of me is hoping he saw me out last night and got the message and never comes back… cold but I just don’t care how he feels especially after the forced kiss that showed little if no respect.

I’m not sure where this will go. Perhaps he’ll never call me again, although I get the feeling he will. Today my constant thoughts about ‘the one’ are gone. If anything he’s cured me even if it’s just for a while. But I’ve realised that actually ‘the one’ was just another guy, better than some hence I fell for him, but actually he’s not the be all and end all and there’s better out there, I just had to be patient.


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