To PJ or Not to PJ…

I am a girl who has pretty much always slept in the buff, scientific studies show it’s actually better for you, your body needs to be at a cooler temperate to repair properly while you sleep. This in turn helps you to slow down the ageing process… I’m totally down with that!!!!

There’s other issue I find with wearing clothes to bed… everything gets so damned tangled, like you have sheets and PJs mixed together and before you know it, turning in your sleep means you’re in some sort of death knot when the friction of the PJ material and the sheets have got all tangled or worse still there now ridden up and you have yourself a wedgie situation… not cool. Then there the lack of airflow situation, I mean if you’re having to wear trousers or tights or whatever in work all day well you need to let the air flow happen to you know… rebalance…

The Stand In was a lover of PJs, soon as any deed was done his stupid old man PJs were back on, probably because he was too stingy to turn the heat on! PJs for me are for lazy mornings where you hang out around the house and don’t do all that much. Some people go shopping in theirs, I often wonder if they wore the to bed too… ew!

A friend of a friend does something entirely creative with one of her very disorganised sons, he goes to bed in fresh school uniform! Whatever works I guess!!! That is a plan probably born out of necessity and I feel is borderline genius. My daughter looks like she slept in her school uniform but actually she didn’t, she just somehow manages to make it look that way. Since the school she goes to upped their standards to include shirts and blazers she somehow looks scruffier than in the polo shirt she had before!!! And teenagers smell anyway, perhaps sleeping in school uniform is the way forward for all! Lol!

I’m always curious as to whether PJs are a British thing, I recon they probably are. I never got my head around onsies… effectively you are wearing and adult sized baby-grow, do people actually really sleep in those?

Worse still for me… dressing gowns! Yuck! Hoodies are the way forward for me! In my head there is nothing that shouts middle age better than a dressing gown and slippers! Again the Stand In would wear his dressing gown over his clothes in the house! Like WTF??? It was also a bit grotty and well used having been mauled by cats, again because he was too stingy to put the heat on and his skinny little body couldn’t retain heat… gross!

So there we have it! PJs are for lounging, dressing gowns should be burnt. End of.


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