How not to treat the Queen Bee

Oh the fun and games of learning about new people on dating apps! So far my funniest experience and this guy deserves to be shown up for who he really is! Using the site Bumble… its similar to Tinder with its swipe system except the girl has 24 hours to make first contact.

So I swipe of a nice looking guy who lives not far from me. Respectable job for a respectable company, you half ask yourself why this guy is in need of a dating app to meet women… here is why…

Are you ready for this? It’s a good one…

So I make the move… brooding looking guy with ability to wear chinos… I say something clever and this is how he managed to fuck it up in a matter of minutes…

I play along… let’s see what this guy comes out with next…

And then it becomes priceless…

And then he was gone… what an odd odd guy!

It appears even LSE graduates working for a respectable brand ahem… KPMG… have a dark side… I bet his mum would be proud!

Sorry Mrs LSE graduate’s mom! You have no hope of getting any grand kids till your prodigal son learns about how to put it in the right hole!!!


User has since deleted his account… shame I screen shotted his profile…

Offender’s whereabouts is uncertain… I’m guessing he’s having a cry wank while mommy rubs his back and reassures him that the next girl he meets will be dazzled by his chinos… or so slack that she wouldn’t notice his micro penis up her bum… did he actually get his tape measure out to check?!? The mind boggles!


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