Man Pokemon!

So I downloaded a dating app I’d used a while back because it was actually more likely to bring you matches of people you were likely to live near. After the fun of all the others where you set a radius that seems realist you start to realise that 30 miles just to meet someone for a date is really not realistic.

So how does this one work…? You activate the app, then as you go about you daily stuff if you walk past someone with the same app they come up on you… “what do you think?” List. You can like or ignore. It’s like hunting but secretly. What’s funny is the amount of people I know who have then turned up on my list… and shockingly some of them are married or living with girlfriends!!!

It’s funny how the use of apps and dating sites these days has perhaps taken the spontaneity out of meeting and perhaps dating people. No longer will a man approach you in the street and tell you you’re pretty, he’ll wait to see if you appear on his app first and message you later. That’s actually pretty sad. We almost live through our phones, the phone providing that buffer between you and reality… perhaps the idea of being turned down in person being too scary a prospect that a guy would rather approach you through virtual means. It feels like quite a British thing, abroad men seem a lot more open, in Rome back at the beginning of the year men were happy to approach, ask, even though I was clearly there with a guy, ‘the one’ or perhaps we should rename in ‘really wasn’t the one’. When I said, “I’m with him” they’d shake his hand and say, you look after her, make sure you never loose her and all that stuff, shame he never listened hey?

Perhaps this is where British Millennial’s fail at relationships so badly… they have no idea how to approach a woman for real, yet alone keep one! And with an app constantly there keeping lookout for the next they tend to jump from rebound to rebound!

So here we all are… catching Pokemon except this time it’s people… with feelings, a life, reality behind that profile. Not just another virtual animal that lives in a ball until you release it to come out and fight your battle… sadly, I think we all get so carried away with the game, the reality part gets forgotten. Well I meet my first Man Pokemon later tonight… we’ll see if he’s real or just another bit of code projecting an image providing a false reality that can never exist…


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