Design Decision Tarot

IMG_0554So as you’ve probably guessed by now I like a bit of spontaneity and get some new ideas all the time. Me and my best bestie from my old team often come up with some new ideas for businesses that might just work!

Today’s Idea….

Design Decision Tarot! How’s this gonna work? Well… let me explain… as a data architect I have to come up with a solution to a problem involving data… very often it’s a collaboration between me and some other architects such as solutions and infrastructure. Easy right? Most of the time no… not when the boys get all protective over their idea or miss stuff or forget to tell you something important. It can take forever!!!! And very often what you’re working with is pure intuition on what will work because you don’t know until you’ve tried it! Intuition you say… let’s take that idea and run with it… like so far that we just won a world record for sprinting the fuck away from the original plan. Yep been there. So I’m gonna start using the powers of the universe to help me make a design decision from now on. I’m gonna take along my trusty pack of tarot cards and it’s going to be as good as any in how I decide how the hell we fix this one hell of a fuck up of a bug, or poor legacy design that someone took and buggered to the ends of the earth till it broke baaaad.

Here’s what I’m gonna do;

1. Hand over my precious cards to the business owner and ask them to shuffle.

2. Lay out the designs we all came up with on the table in front of them.

3. Ask the person to deal 3 cards for each solution.

4. Interpret card 1 as background problem, 2 as implementation and 3 as final outcome

What could possibly go wrong?!?

So… here’s a quick over view of how it could pan out;

You got the Tower as Background, the Sun as Implementation and the Ace of Pentacles as your final outcome…. go with that one!!!! Seriously ignore anything else!!! You are fixing something that is totally fucked and delivering it will be a dream, the outcome will be awesome

You get the 10 of cups as back ground, the ten of Wands for implementation, and the 9 of swords as your final outcome… leave well alone, if it ain’t broke don’t fix it style because that’s gonna be a pain in the arse to implement and when you do you are gonna be fixing bug after bug and it’s gonna hurt.

Failing that you could always use the Ouija Board… this will tell you exactly which bit is buggered, be carful though, the spirit of an architect could be good or bad, if it starts at the moon drag your glass to goodbye immediately, no good can come of their input.

I’m going to try it… the others right now are stuck in a place of indecision and mutual suspicion of each other. Sometimes leaving your decision to the divine is the only choice you have because no one can make up their freakin’ mind! Or more often everyone made up their mind before we got into the 2 hours of some prick commandeering a white board and nothing getting solved, me wishing I had those 2 hours of my life back or failing that a button to push that either unleashes my pet dragons or opens up a trapdoor to hell or somewhere… either way, I’m not picky.

Tomorrow I’m taking my cards to the office… if it catches on I’m totally gonna run with it!!! I mean someone came up with scrum poker for sizing work… so why not Design Decision Tarot? The decision logs will be much simpler  to fill out, 3 columns one for each card and as most people prefer pictures the answer will speak for itself 5 years down the line when we’re trying to work out who in the world made that decision. Also it takes away the blame culture, if the universe advised it then there was a reason that we should not question.

I’ll let you know how it goes…



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