Small Soldiers…

Back in 2016, during one of my slightly footloose weeks I swiped on a Soldier who seemed pretty hot. I liked his tattoos and his arms looked nice and strong… I can’t help myself when there’s biceps on show!

I met him on my lunch break, very civilised and we popped to a local Mexican restaurant and had some food and a chat. He seemed nice enough inspite of his Manchester twang… I struggle with northern accents… I have no idea why!!!?! We had a nice hour long chat about kids and family and his son, my daughter blah blah and I thought… perhaps… he was shorter than the average guy I date but he didn’t seem to have any issue with his height, that’s normally the biggest turn off, the short man syndrome, he didn’t have that! I left it at that, went back to work, after all I was supposed to be in a relationship with the Sad Mechanic but I knew I could do better, wrong I know but he was boring me and we’ll just really fucking immature sometimes!!!

Soldier boy… well not really a boy, he was 43 could be what I needed and me and the Sad Mechanic had just had the “It’s me or the dog moment” because well my dog needed a friend and I was gonna get her one and he had the nerve to give me an ultimatum!?! I went and bought another dog… message loud and clear right there!!!

Small Soldier text me the next day asking to see me again. With Sad Mechanic in a sulk I went for it, we had a date Friday Night. He picked me up from work in his BMW, took me back to mine to freshen up and out we went! First we had to drop his car at his sister’s house, turned out he was renting a room from her… okay, no real fixed abode… not the end of the world, he was sorting himself out after coming back from tour, made sense. We went for cocktails and then a Wagamama’s and it was a chilled evening, so far so good…. outside after food he finally plucked up the courage to grab a kiss and it went from there back to mine… I don’t think either of us we’re looking for a relationship, but a night of fun was good. Well I dunno what the guy had been eating that week but well I regretted swallowing… to be fair though he was pretty good in bed. We kinda fell asleep and I guessed he was staying. 4am came and he gets up in a panic, I feel really ill! Good old Wagamama’s gets everyone at some point so he called a taxi and that’s the last I saw of him. He had talked about going to start a diving business, I kind of hope he did. Perhaps that’s why he ran off never to be heard from again… not that I minded, it was never going to be any more than a one night stand…


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